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Applications Ultrasons
Route de Trélex 10
1266 Duillier (Suisse)
Phone + 41 (0)22 364 22 70 
Fax + 41 (0)22 364 52 73 



Our commitment
  • Study the washing processes supported by a laboratory leader in the European market.
  • Integrate flexibility in our manual- automatic- and robotic washing plants.
  • Customised and purposeful solutions.
  • Creation and implementation of complex procedures including transport from manufacturing via wash and dry area and finally to the quality control (monitoring with washing program management).
  • Plants made with materials and components of the most up-to-date generation.
  • Applications Ultrasons is committed to the results of the previous agreed requirements.
  • We suggest an adequate chemistry for all washing problems.
  • We offer a fast and active after-sales service on site or remote operating.

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